TAF x ID Knitting have launched eco-friendly fabric for casual wear

ID Knitting, a fabric mill in Thailand, has developed 100% Radianza™ in circular knit fabric. Radianza™ is the only fibre in the current Value Added Products (VAPs) portfolio from Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd. (TAF), which is verified as eco-friendly for its ready-to-use colour fibre with gel-dyeing technology.


ID Knitting Co., Ltd. under the leadership of Tanapol Kiatsaveekul, the second generation who is always constantly looking for new innovation fabrics to add to the range. Their on-going fabrics supplied to both domestic and international markets, especially in Japan. “Since the sustainable fashion trend raised in the past decade, we have shifted our materials to organic cotton and recycled polyester. Not only do we pay attention to the materials, but also to the “fair paid” policy to the farmers. We think sustainability should cover all of the points e.g. materials, resources, work ethics, etc. However, when TAF contacted us regarding Radianza™ fibre, we could see the opportunity as claimed by the Life Cycle Assessment report that; it can save a lot of water and other natural resources during its production. It also saves time in dyeing process, as we only need to do finishing. Use of Radianza™ also ensures that there is no lot to lot or order to order colour variation. It helps us as we don’t have to start the colour matching process from start every time and it gives an extra assurance to our customers that they will receive the same shade and tone of the fabric every time they order a particular item.” – says Tanapol, Managing Director of ID Knitting.


“ID Knitting has operated more than 20 years with export quality; their main customers are in Thailand and Japan. Tanapol is a young and open-minded leader. We are glad that he is interested in our Radianza™ fibre as well as keen on developing such a nice fabric with it.” – says Ashwini Chotani, CMO of TAF.


Photo credit: Pantone Color Institute

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