Specialty Product Portfolio

Apart from our regular varieties of acrylic fibre, we also offer an exclusive range of branded products. Each such product is the result of our commitment to research and development and every branded product offers our value chain partners and the end consumer a singular set of special benefits.


Imagine a fabric devoid of pilling even after countless washes? Well, now it’s for real. Presenting Pilbloc™ – a range of anti-pill fibre known for its softness and unique hand-feel. Pilbloc™ resists pilling over repeated use and washing. As a result, it slows down the ageing process of the apparel. This is why knitwear and other apparel woven out of Pilbloc™ look as good as new after every wash. Fabric made from Pilbloc™ resists pilling throughout its lifetime.

What’s more, Pilbloc™ blends quite easily with other fibres as well and enhances their pill performance. Garments made with Pilbloc™ have cashmere feel, vibrant colours, bright and natural luster, excellent wash and easy care aesthetics.

Key Benefits

  • Soft touch, excellent wearer comfort
  • New look after prolonged use/washing
  • Pilling Grade of 4-4.5 (ICI Pill Box Test)*
  • Lighter in weight w.r.t cotton, polyester, silk etc.
  • Cashmere touch even in yarn dyed variety
  • Can be blended with any natural and synthetic fibre

* Pilling grade also depends on Yarn Twist, Fabric Construction and Blends.

Product Range

  • 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 denier
  • Cut lengths 38mm, 51mm, 64mm, Variable length
  • Fibre, Tow & Tops


  • Sweaters, Pullovers
  • Innerwear
  • T-Shirt, Jerseys, Sportswear
  • Fashion Apparel
  • Winter Wear (Wool Blends)


  • Oeko Tex™

Radianza™ is one of the most environment friendly and sustainable fibres made by Gel-Dyeing technology.

Gel dyeing enables Radianza™ to consume much less resources and zero discharge of unused dyes as against the conventional yarn or fabric dyeing process.

What is “Gel-Dyeing” technology?

Just after the spinning of polymer, the fiber obtained from the spinneret is highly amorphous and porous. It is neither completely solid nor completely liquid; it is in a gel-state. When the acrylic dye (basic dyes) solution is added in this stage, it gets immediately absorbed into the fibre without the need for additional water, chemicals or energy. Yarns or Fabrics made with 100% Radianza™ fibre need not be dyed again, so the step of yarn dyeing or fabric dyeing, which is a source of high pollution and resource consumption, could be avoided.


A Range of possibilities with Radianza ™


Presenting Warmos – a unique fibre from Birlacril that provides excellent bulk, resilience, comfort and the soft feel of wool. Warmos fibre, when knitted into apparel, imparts warmth and comfort, making it the ideal fibre for winter wear.

Warmos is a conjugate fibre, having a bilateral, bi-component coiled-crimped structure that provides excellent elasticity and bulk. Simply put, the fibre is made up of two polymer components that are conjugated together like bi-metal and it exhibits differential shrinkage to heat. So, it develops excellent bulk and resilience when compared to the normal crimp of standard mono-component fibre.


  • Rounder, loftier and bulkier yarn.
  • Wool-like spiral crimp and hand-feel; use of 35-40% in blend is enough to get that feel.
  • High covering property.
  • 3-tier effect on yarn with shrinkable type.


  • Knitted fabric (Jersey, Sweaters)
  • Hand Knit Yarn
  • Carpets


  • Two types of Warmos™ fibre – regular and shrinkable
  • 3.0 denier
  • Cut lengths 61mm, 64mm
  • Fibre, Tow, Tops


  • Oeko Tex™


Brilliant colour inside. Impeccable style outside. Presenting Crayona. A unique brand of fibre that ups the fashion quotient of any wardrobe. This offering from Birlacril displays unique colour properties because it is dyed with acid colours. What’s more, it can easily blended with acrylic and wool. Crayona gives special colour effects like ‘mélange’ to garments when blended with normal acrylic. And when blended with wool, a single bathdyeing is enough to give brilliant solid shades to garments. All in all, this product makes winter wear truly chic.


  • When blended with normal acrylic: trendy, elegant mélange fabric and apparel
  • When blended with wool: solid shade in single bath-dyeing
  • High degree of softness and comfort


  • Sweaters, pullovers and cardigans
  • Fashion apparels, jackets and overcoats
  • Winter wear in blends with wool
  • Gloves, caps and stoles


  • 3.0, 5.0 denier
  • Cut length 51mm, Variable length
  • Fibre and Tow


  • Oeko Tex™

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Durashine™ is a solution dyed (or pigment dyed) acrylic fibre for outdoor applications like Awnings, Sun-Umbrellas, Outdoor Furniture, Marine Furnishing, Carpets, Blinds and many more…

With excellent color fastness to sunlight, durability to mechanical or chemical weathering and resistance to UV radiation, Durashine™ is available in a range of shades in the form of fibre and tops.

Fabrics made with Durashine™ are regularly tested for high performance required for outdoor applications.



Durashine™ offers excellent resistance to weathering withstanding harsh weather conditions without loss of fabric strength.

Sun Umbrellas

Our fabrics offer excellent light fastness compliant to ISO 105-B02: 1994 (E) giving it a Permanent New Look

Outdoor Upholstery

Withstands harsh climates and weathering with negligible loss in fabric strength

Marine Exterior and Decorative

Marine fabrics using Durashine™ materials are protected from chemicals and offers colour fastness to action of alkalis and acids as per international standards

Durashine™ Advantages

Excellent Color Fastness to Sunlight

Light Fastness. for prolonged new look
Excellent UV Protection Factor.

Resistant to Weathering

Excellent Resistance to Weathering; minimal Loss in Fabric Strength.
Can withstand harsh weather conditions for lasting strength and durability

Color Fastness to Action of Acids/Alkalis for protection against chemicals

Good Color Fastness to Rubbing Resistant to Abrasion
Excellent Color Fastness to Action of Acid and Alkalis complying to International Standards

Resistant to Mechanical Abrasion

Retains fabric appearance


Pure. White. Presenting Pura™, a snow white fibre from Birlacril™ that offers brilliant, long-lasting whiteness. With Pura™ you get uniformly white brightness in every lot size and better reproducibility of the same whiteness which contributes to the consistency of the product quality, even at the end of the production cycle. The superior whiteness of this fibre makes it perfectly suitable for dress code materials and export purposes. And since the fabric is also whitened at the manufacturing stage itself, this is also an extremely eco-friendly product.


  • User-friendly and does not necessitate a bleaching process at spinner or dyer end
  • Thermally stable fibre and non-degradable in terms of whiteness under heat treatment
  • Does not get yellowish even at high temperatures
  • Whiteness remains unchanged after bulking
  • Whiteness index is 153.0


  • Sweaters, jerseys, inner wear, shirts, socks and hand knit garments
  • Woven upholstery, curtains and woven cloth
  • High-pile Boa, blanket (Mayer) and fur fabric


  • 1.5 to 10 denier
  • 32mm to 140mm
  • Fibre, Tow, Tops


  • Oeko Tex™

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Amicor is one of the most premium anti-microbial fibre brands in the world. Amicor brand anti-bacterial and anti-fungal performance fibres provide effective and durable microbial control across all textile materials. The growth of microbes in textiles causes odour-problems and allergies. Amicor brand fibre protects the textile material from these microbes and helps in preventing allergy and infections caused by some of these bacteria and fungi.


Amicor brand is endorsed by a number of internationally renowned certifying authorities like the British Allergy Foundation (Allergy Seal of Approval, Red Cross Hospital, Barcelona [Creu Roja Catalunya]) and a measurable benchmark from the World Health Organization, which makes Amicor the best choice for consumers.


Products that carry the Amicor Trademark are consistent and of high quality, designed to provide a healthier living environment.


  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-odour
  • Anti-fungal, anti-house dust mite
  • Durable, long-lasting action
  • Clinically tested with proven benefits
  • Gentle, safe and soft


  • Socks, inner wear and outer wear
  • Bed and bedding
  • Medical uniforms and textiles
  • Mops and wipes


  • REACH SVHC, Allergy UK “Seal of Approval”

Fabrics with Amicor™ have been tested according to ISO 18184:2019 to show efficacy against Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Tropix™ is a cotton-look acrylic fibre.

With Tropix™, one can ensure that the garments look like cotton, feel like cotton but at the same time have better and brighter dye shades as compared to cotton.

Tropix™ fibre has inherent high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) which gives it an added advantage for summer apparel.


  • Sweaters/cardigan
  • Winter Accessories
  • Fleeces
  • T-Shirt

Denier and Cut Length Available:

  • 1.5D, 2.0D
  • 38mm, Tow form


As per ISO and BISFA standards, fibers having diameter of less than 0.9 denier are defined as micro-denier fibers. Birlacril™ manufactures 0.8 denier fibers which can be used as 100% acrylic, mixed with cotton in the production of chenille yarns, in Worsted and OE systems and wool products. Chenille yarns obtained from Birlacril™ micro-fiber present a bright appearance and soft touch in knitted (sweaters, soft dress materials, fashion apparels) and upholstery products.



Super shrinkable acrylic fibers having shrinkage value of even 38% has been developed. The yarns made from these fibers are round, bulkier, fuller and have a soft bouncy effect. These yarns help in longer retention of shape/contours, comfort and freshness. Super shrinkable fibers are ideally suited for manufacturing boucle yarns, smiling yarns, special light-weight yarns and a variety of other fancy yarns.

Standard Product Portfolio

Apart from our regular varieties of acrylic fibre, we also offer an exclusive range of branded products. Each such product is the result of our commitment to research and development and every branded product offers our value chain partners and the end consumer a singular set of special benefits.

Fiber, Tow & Tops

We are producing a wide range of ‘Birlacril™’ brand Acrylic Staple Fiber and Acrylic TOW from 0.80 Denier (Micro Denier) to 15 Denier with staple lengths in the range of 38 to 150 mm for spinning in Cotton, Modified Cotton, Semi-worsted, and Worsted spinning system. Our end products are extensively used in textile, knitwear, carpet, toys, blanket and apparel industries.

1.51.7122Bright / Semi DullRegular
22.2123, 132Bright / Semi DullRegular
33.3146Bright / Semi DullRegular
55.6125Bright / Semi DullRegular
DenierDtexLength (mm)LustreType
1.2, 1.5, 2,31.3, 1.7, 2.2, 3.332, 38, 44, 51, 64, 122Bright / Semi DullRegular
1.5,2.01.7,2.2,3.332, 38, 44, 51, 64Bright / Semi DullShrinkable 23%
3.03.332, 38, 44, 51, 64Bright / Semi DullShrinkable 23-29%


DenierDtexLength (mm)LustreType
33.376, 89, 102
V64, V74, V89
Bright / Semi DullRegular Shrinkable 23-29%
7, 10, 157, 8, 11, 1776, 102, 105Bright / Semi DullRegular Shrinkable 23%
55.676, 89, 102
V64, V74, V89
Bright / Semi DullRegular Shrinkable 23 to 27%


* Detailed Specifications are available on request
Variable cut lengths: V64(76-127 mm), V74(76-140mm), V89(89-140mm).

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